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La Via BID Winners

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Best authentic ethnic food winner

Mexican food is not all the BID has to offer. Many other restaurants offer creative cuisine cooked to perfection and cooked traditionally with authentic ingredients and styles. Meaning your taste buds will never get bored with all the delicious and creative cuisine you can find right here in the BID.

Other Nominees

El Palenque

Best carry-out winner

We have all been there craving delicious food but in a hurry. The BID has so many options to choose from tacos, pizzas, chicken wings, and more.

Other Nominees

Best Creative Cuisine food winner

Looking to eat something different with a creative flair? The BID has quite a few options for edgy and creative cuisine! Let the culinary experts surprise you with their delicious creations. Your taste buds will thank you!

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Best Treats winner

La Fiesta Ice Cream

Oh my! Mangonadas, churros, pan dulce, donuts, freshly squeezed juice, smoothies, and so much more can be found at many of our local ice cream shops and bakeries. These unique treats are hard to find outside of the city, making the BID slightly that much sweeter.

Other Nominees

Best Barbershop winner

Barbershops are a cornerstone of every neighborhood. Everyone has their favorite spot and looking good is a breeze with the talented barbers in the BID. Whether you are looking for a new hair transformation or a trim, we got it all. Vote now and give props to your favorite barber.

Other Nominees

El Padrino Barbershop

George's Barbershop

Best Autoshop winner

Whether you are looking for spare parts, a tune-up, or would like to customize your ride the BID has you covered.

You will find lots of affordable options nearby. Vote for your go-to spot and give them the credit they deserve.

Other Nominees

DK's Auto Repairs

Best cell phone store winner

We live in a modern society where everyone has a cell phone. So choosing a cell phone store and provider to keep up with the latest electronics is essential. Keeping up with the latest electronics always makes keeping in touch with work, family, and friends more comfortable, making your life run just a little smoother.

Other Nominees


Whether you are looking for work or play clothes or something in between, we’ve got it all in the BID! Great quality at affordable prices, and did we mention accessories? Stop by and see for yourself! Many gift options too.

Other Nominees

El 7 Leguas Western Wear

Foot Locker

The Salvation Army Family Store

Best Grocery store winner

Looking for authentic Mexican or Latin groceries? Or pantry staples? Come visit the wide array of grocery stores that the BID has to offer. Affordable prices with great service!

Other Nominees

Vernor Food Center

Best BARGAINS winner

Shopping can be pricey, and everyone’s always looking for a good bargain. Getting these great bargains means you have extra cash to spend on food and other activities within the BID’s shopping district. We do have great bargains in shops right here in our shopping district, not to travel too far to get a good deal.

Other Nominees

99 Cents Plus Express

Dollar Central

Best HOME GOODS winner

Keeping your house lively and modern is a must, so finding a suitable home goods store is essential. Fortunately, you can find such things right here in the BID. Anything from modern pieces to unique pieces that reflect our diverse culture makes shopping in the BID extremely fun!

Other Nominees

Payless Appliances

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