West Vernor & Springwells Business Improvement District



BID Police Patrols

Conduct safety and security patrols through BID to identify and report threats to BID businesses, residents, workers and visitors. Provide public assistance in the way of directions, available amenities, events and other informational assistance.

Graffiti Removal

Completes graffiti removal throughout the BID, please call (313) 842-0986 x1009 or email [email protected].


Safety Alerts

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Sidewalk/Curbline Cleaning

Litter removal from sidewalks, storefronts, curbs, gutters. Pressure wash sidewalks. Snow and ice removal on sidewalks. Please call (313) 842-0986 x1009.


Litter-basket Improvements

The Litter Basket Maintenance Team currently services 100 litter baskets, once per week, that are strategically placed throughout the business district.

Flower Pod Planting/Maintenance

Flower planting, flower watering, leaf pick up and other services are available.


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